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Maintenance Agreement

PROGRAM MAINTENANCE will be provided to LICENSEE upon payment of annual maintenance fees described below. During the term that LICENSEE is covered by PROGRAM MAINTENANCE, CONTROL-SOFT will perform the following functions:

  1. supply at no additional cost a temporary fix or make a reasonable attempt to make an emergency bypass to any problem if the PROGRAM yields incorrect results and if CONTROL-SOFT diagnosis the problem as a defect in a current, unaltered release of the PROGRAM.
  2. provide LICENSEE, at no extra cost, solutions to any and all known problem relating to PROGRAM, as said solutions become known to CONTROL-SOFT.
  3. make available to LICENSEE, all modifications, improvements, and refinements to the PROGRAM and any associated documentation relating to these modifications. Improvements and refinements include Microsoft® Windows95™ and WindowsNT™ platform upgrades if the platform upgrades are completed within the maintenance agreement term.

During the term that LICENSEE is covered by PROGRAM MAINTENANCE, LICENSEE agrees that:

  1. all maintenance and updates will be handled through the site contact of the LICENSEE.
  2. LICENSEE will notify CONTROL-SOFT of all sites with fully executable versions of the PROGRAM and the site contact at each site within sixty (60) days of that site's receipt of the program.

LICENSEE understands and agrees that LICENSEE shall have sole responsibility for the installation of all fixes, problem solutions, modifications and other changes provided by CONTROL-SOFT.

Software Maintenance Price List

(Current as of Jan 2018)


FEE (U.S. Dollars)

One (1) Year Maintenance

50% x Total License Fee x 1 year

Two (2) Year Maintenance

40% x Total License Fee x 2 years

Four (4) Year Maintenance

25% x Total License Fee x 4 years


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