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Release 4.2.1 Update - for user's with up-to-date maintenance contracts or site licenses only
click to load latest release 4.2.1 from our server!

Installation Instructions

1. Check your maintenance or warranty expiration date using the Help/About menu item in FE-Sizer. If your maintenance or warranty has expired, stop and do not proceed. Contact Control-Soft Enterprises should you wish to renew or add maintenance to your license.
2. Download the maintenance update file to your "download" directory using the link above and move to your desktop once download is complete.
3 VERSION 3 USERS DO NOT NEED TO PERFORM THIS STEP - Using File Explorer, go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Control-Soft Enterprises\FE-Sizer Version 4 directory and backup the existing file FESIZER64.exe to include its release number, e.g., FESIZER64.exe.420 where 420 represents Release 4.2.0 as an example. The release number of your version of FE-Sizer can be found in the Help\About window. Also, delete the current readme.txt file so that it will be replaced with the new release readme.txt.
4. Double-click the maintenance update file you placed on your desktop in Step 2 above and follow the onscreen instructions to install. If you get a warning that a software update has been previously installed remove the previously installed update using Windows uninstaller found in Control Panel under Programs and Features then repeat steps 1 through 3. Be careful not to remove your license file Fesizer64.dat. Back it up to your desktop and replace once you complete the install process..
5. FOR VERSION 3 FIRST TIME UPGRADE TO VERSION 4 ONLY VERSION 4 USERS SKIP TO STEP 5 - Copy your Version 3.0 “Fesizer32.dat” license file from your Version 3.0 software installation directory to your desktop and rename the file to “Fesizer64.dat” using the exact format of upper to lower case letters shown. Find the directory c:\Control-Soft Enterprises\FE-Sizer Version 4 using File Explorer and drag the “Fesizer64.dat” file from your desktop to this new location.
6. ALL USERS Test access to the program using the Task Bar and finding the FE-Sizer Version 4 folder to access the program. If the program starts with no errors you are set to go with the new Version 4 software. If not, call 281-217-6284 for support. Please leave a message and contact number if there is no answer and someone will return your call as soon as possible to assist trouble shooting. Then rename the backup file, e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Control-Soft Enterprises\FE-Sizer Version 4\FESIZER64.exe.420 back to FESIZER64.exe to continue using the prior version of FE-Sizer.

Update Details

Release 4.2.1 - March 14, 2017
1. Fixed radio buttons for Venturi meters to operate properly. Program was double selecting the radio buttons for discharge coefficient as you changed the selection for machined inlet, rought cast inlet, and rough welded sheet metal buttons.
2. When you calculated Venturi with PTC19.5 selected, cavitation warnings would be displayed printed calc sheet for liquid calculations in error. The warnings would not pop up in interface when calculated. The warnings were erroneous.
3. Fixed nomenclature for molecular weight for critical drop gases & vapors with density property to show Mw instead of Gg (specific gravity).
4. Fixed noise calculation for dp restrictive and critical flow orifices for volumetric gas flows. Program was not returning proper results. Was only working properly for mass flows. There was a 10 dBa difference between the two methods.
5. Fixed rebuild index utility to not duplicate deleted tags. Note, deleted tags are restored when using this utility instead of packing the database.
6. Fixed database function to rebuild deleted .idx files. Program was corrupting the fdb file as well as failing to rebuild the .idx file.
7. Added AGA Report 3 / API 14.3.1 (2012) discharge coefficient standard designation that uses the updated expansion factor calculation.
8. Corrected the saturated liquid factor to compensate for two phase liquids properly. Factor was inversed.
9. Improved downstream pressure tap calculations accuracy utilizing method shown in AGA/API 2012 standards.

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