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FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 4 - Software Pricing

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Prices effective as of Jan 01, 2018

Software Price List - U.S. Dollars

FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 4 (Single Computer License)


FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 4 (Network License)


license & 1st user


each additional user


FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 3 .0 (Single Computer License)


FE-Sizer for Windows, Version 3 .0 (Network License)


Shipping and Handling - U.S.A. & Canada 

$ 25.00

Shipping and Handling - International

$ 150.00

State Sales tax (for Texas residents only)



Site Licensing Price List - U.S. Dollars

Single Site Location / Unlimited Users

$ 15,000.00

Multiple Site Locations / Unlimited Users


1st site

$ 15,000.00

each additional site

$ 5,000.00

Nationwide Site License / Unlimited Users

$ 25,000.00

Global Site License / Unlimited Users

$ 35,000.00

Important Note: All site licensed software receives unlimited technical support along with free maintenance and product upgrades throughout the entire product life for FE-Sizer. The free upgrade policy covers operating system platforms as well.

Software shipped within 48 hours after receipt of order.

All software comes with complete documentation


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